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VOIP Solution

Voice Over Internet Protocol

IT Firm  Software company Provides  Voice Over Internet Protocol Services In this services the new-age smart way to connect, communicate and network with friends and professionals globally. As the Best VoIP Service for home and small business in India,

We at IT Firm bring affordable VoIP services and solutions for high-power communications across global markets for Home (Personal), Small Business and Large Enterprise use. Voice over IP (VoIP) as a technology and service has improved in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. Sound quality, reliability and customer service have been prime factors that have been focused on by the industry in large. Combine that with the growth of high speed Internet availability it quickly becomes clear why VoIP has been embraced by companies worldwide, with an average annual growth rate of 30%. The only requirement to use this service for your company is a High Speed Internet connection (such as DSL, Cable, FiOS, etc.) because it sends your voice as “data packets” across the Internet instead of a regular phone line. You can continue to use your existing phones (with the addition of a special adapter), but most will invest in IP phones that directly plug into your Internet connection. VoIP Provider Reviews and Comparison Why choose VoIP? Due to VoIP’s digital formatting, callers experience crisp HD sound quality by calling over the Internet. The digital format allows for more features, such as voicemail-to-email, telemarketer blocking, and music on hold. Of course, the best aspect of Voice Over IP is that phone plans are often 50 to 80% cheaper than traditional phone service. VoIP works by sending phone calls over a wireless connection between IP addresses. Oftentimes, this means that you simply need a high-speed internet connection in order to get your VoIP phone system running. The better your Internet connection, the better your sound quality will be. All you need is a router (and modem), an IP phone or analog phone with an adapter, and if it is a business plan, a PBX solution.