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Call Center Services

Does your campaign need a call center team dedicated to GOTV efforts? ITFIRM now offers full call center services through our Florida-based political phone bank. How easy is it to create a customized political phone bank? You supply the message, we supply the fully trained, professional team.


A group of customer service agents showing diversityDon’t miss out on key votes by limiting how many possible voters your team can reach. With our political campaign communication software and systems in place, our call center is able to make hundreds (even thousands) of calls per day.


Your Campaign’s Call Center Provider

Not only do we provide the equipment and staffing, but ITFIRM goes the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied with the quality of our work. Receive daily and weekly reports that help you track phone call results and use that data to help your campaign remain agile and highly visible.  We can also provide bilingual services.


Use Your Own In-House Phone Bank

Some tasks are not as complicated and you may not need to hire our professional call center workers.  Talk to us about setting you up with your own in-house call center.


  • Support Your Direct Mail Campaign – You can follow up your Push/Pull and  Get Out The Vote (GOTV) direct mail pieces with calls from your volunteers. Great for soliciting donations and getting RSVP’s for events.
  • Time Consuming Tasks — Some tasks can be handled by your own volunteers.  When it’s time to GOTV, and you want a more personalized touch, this is a great option to get through the lists without the expense of paid operators.  Your volunteers can be used to your best advantage.
  • Volunteers  – Call your list to get out yard signs, find precinct walkers, and other simple but repetitive tasks that really do better with a live voice.
  • Special Events and Fundraising – Automated calls are great!  But when it comes to fundraising, a human voice will make you much more productive.  Consider hiring our call center professionals  for local, grass-roots efforts and be ready for success.
  • Grass-Roots Efforts — Your local volunteers are trained by you and know the issues well.  This is a good option to fight false claim from an opponent, spread the word on a community event that needs action and to get volunteers quickly.


Whether you’re searching for turnkey campaign advertising and marketing company to handle any sized political or non-profit campaign, or simply need to streamline your call center activities, the team at ITFIRM Marketing is ready to work with you today. Contact us online today for a free consultation. Speak with a professional ITFIRM Marketing representative directly.